National Association for Associate Degree Respiratory Care

"Providing Professional Advocacy for the Associate Degree Respiratory Care Career Pathway."

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NA2RC advocates for Associate Degree Respiratory Care education and practice.



To confirm the role of the Associate Degree for entry into the Respiratory Care educational and career pathways.


 Core Values:   Representation, Advocacy & Dedication

As a professional organization committed to the education of associate degree Respiratory Care as the educational level for entry into practice, the individuals, professional leaders and institutional members adopt the following core values to guide its work:



NA2RC represents the interests of the nation’s associate degree respiratory care programs, the educators and those involved in preparing students for entry into the practice of Respiratory Care through associate degree education by providing a forum for collaboration on issues of common interest.  To this end, the NA2RC is committed to sponsoring the following:

  •          Annual educational conference
  •          Newsletter updates



NA2RC serves as the voice for educators in associate degree programs by:

  •          Communicating with the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care about issues relevant to associate degree education.
  •          Communicating with the National Board of Respiratory Care about issues relevant to graduates of associate degree programs.
  •          Communicating to the American Association for Respiratory Care their support for associate degree programs as a career entry pathway.



NA2RC is dedicated to lifelong learning by being an essential provider of educational resources for Respiratory Care educators. To this end, NA2RC

  •          Provides support and training for educators in associate degree programs in areas including but not limited to accreditation processes, improving program outcomes, teaching methods, clinical proficiency evaluations, and clinical preceptor inter-rater reliability.
  •           Supports improving educational standards and ultimately impacting the delivery of patient care.
  •          Encourages the development of clinical career ladders and continuing education, including advanced degrees for the incumbent workforce.
  •          Supports the development of advanced practice respiratory care curricula which will complement previous education levels, provide career advancement and recognition, and allow the Registered Respiratory Therapist to assume more responsibility as a physician extender.